Applying for disability benefits

Many people are disabled and unable to work at some time in their life. The government of the United States has developed Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security income to help workers who can no longer work because of a mental or physical health condition.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is administered by the Social Security Administration and is financed through payroll taxes. To qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance you must have worked enough hours and contributed enough in payroll taxes to earn "work credits". The amount of work credits needed to qualify for SSDI benefits will vary based on the age at which you became disabled. If you are disabled, a widow or widower of a disabled employee or a child under 18, you may qualify for SSDI benefits.

Another disability benefit program from Social Security is Supplemental Security Income (SSI). SSI benefits are for people who are disabled, older than 65, or who are blind from Social Security disability. SSI is not funded through payroll taxes and you do not have to accumulate work credits to qualify. To qualify for SSI benefits you must have limited income and resources. The Social Security Administration currently defines limited resources such as $ 2000 per individual and $ 3000 per couple. Most states will also provide Medicaid benefits to people who receive Supplemental Security Income.

If you can not work for twelve consecutive months due to a serious physical or mental impairment, you may be able to receive Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income. If you are interested in getting more information about Social Security Disability or if you need help filling out the Social Security Disability forms, you can contact the Social Security Administration and they can answer all of your questions about Social Security Disability.

How to Apply for SSI or SSDI

To apply for Supplemental Security or Social Security Disability Insurance, you can contact the Social Security Administration Office through:

Calling the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213. You do not have to schedule an appointment, but an appointment can reduce your waiting time. Visit them online using your Social Security Benefits Application online. Visit the Regional Office of the nearest Social Security Administration. To locate the nearest Social Security Administration Office, go to the Social Security Administration website at Find the office locator page and enter your zip code. The Office Locator site will show the nearest office of the Social Security Administration in your Area.

What you need to apply

If you apply for Social Security disability benefits in person, by phone or online to streamline the benefits process, you will need the following information:

Birth certificate or other proof of birth. Military discharge documents of the United States. Naturalization papers. Disability Forms SSA-3368 and SSA-827. These disability forms will detail your mental and physical health conditions and allow the information to be released to the Social Security Administration. Self-employment or W-2 tax forms from the previous year. You can bring photocopies of these documents.