Do you need a disability lawyer?

Statistically, people who hire and use a social security lawyer are more likely to succeed. The Social Security Administration (SSA) does not require you to have a lawyer or disability advocate, and allows you to represent yourself. Many plaintiffs, however, need an SSI attorney or an SSDI attorney for reasons, in addition to increasing the statistical probability of success. Many plaintiffs find that using a lawyer or advocate is helpful in all aspects of the Social Security process, from completing documents to handling appeals.

The benefits and benefits are endless when you hire someone who is a professional in your area, such as a disability benefit attorney. Would not you rather use lawyers with disabilities who have the knowledge, the education that supports them when they help you? You want your doctor to be qualified to give you the right guidance, so why not have a professional counselor assist you from the beginning? This will eliminate any concern that you are providing the correct information and complete information. If you have questions or concerns, you will have someone who can provide you with direct and immediate information in your place. Tip: It has been shown that those who file an application with social security disability attorneys have a higher success rate for benefits!

How does a disability lawyer help you?

Each case is different, but here are some of the ways in which hiring attorneys or disability advocates can help you through the Social Security process:

  • SSI and SSDI attorneys help you complete all forms
  • Present your initial claim completely and quickly
  • Present any appeal, if necessary, completely and quickly
  • Evaluate your case and answer any question
  • Help strengthen your case by referring you to additional doctors
  • SSDI and SSI Disability attorneys monitor you and notify you of the progress of your case at the Social Security Administration
  • Complement your claim with updated records and reports
  • Gather evidence of people like your doctor to strengthen your claim
  • Handle all aspects of the audience
  • Prepare it for the questions and issues that will arise in your hearing and address any problems that concern you
  • Ask the administrative law judge to summon the necessary witnesses to prove your claim
  • Argue your case at the hearing by giving an opening and closing statement, questioning the vocational expert and any other adverse witness, requesting the administrative law judge to review and re-evaluate any previous claim, and preserving the evidentiary record of the hearing through the due and timely objections
  • Make sure the Social Security Administration calculates your benefits correctly

How are attorneys paid?

If you choose to hire attorneys or disability advocates, you will only be paid if you win and the Social Security Administration (SSA) approves your claim. In almost all cases, these disability benefit attorneys will not charge a fee unless you win. If the SSA approves your claim, it will send you a check for retroactive benefits, a check that covers the months your case was pending in the Administration. Upon approval of your claim, SSA withholds the minimum 25% or $ 6,000.00 of your retroactive check and sends the money directly to your attorney as your fee.